We are Leonie and Daniel and we drive with our motorhome across
North America. We are both from Germany, but we decided to write the blog in English so that everyone we meet on our adventure gets the chance to experience our story with us.

Leonie is originally from the north of Germany and came to southern Germany for her nurse training. Daniel has always lived in the south.
There we also got to know and love each other.
Since we both have just arrived at a turning point in our lives, Leonie is now a registered nurse and Daniel has finished his business studies, we took the opportunity to start an adventure.

This blog is not only for us but also for family, friends and all those who want to experience our journey together with us. Therefore we will regularly write new blog entries here on the website and upload new footage to YouTube. You will also be able to follow us via Instagram. To make sure you don’t miss out on any new and exciting stories you should also check out our Facebook page. We will make sure that you can join us on this adventure. And if you can’t get enough of us and our adventure, then check out Patreon and get exclusive content.

We wish you a lot of fun and are very happy that you are here.

It is time for a story. So #comecloseandlisten.

Leonie and Daniel

Leonie and Daniel