Welcome to our journey

Hi guys,

Nice to meet you !

We are Daniel and Leonie, a German couple who currently is travelling through Canada for the next six months. At least we try to, considering these times.

But let’s stay positive!  A few weeks ago we bought a lovely RV, which we called ‘Momo the Motorhome’. With it we plan on travelling through North America for an entire year.

Our travel began on Monday the 16th of March.

Early on that cold Monday morning we flew from Frankfurt to Toronto and booked ourselves into an Air b’n’b for the following week. As we have already been planning and preparing this trip for the last few months (and started dreaming about it even way longer) we had many things on our to-do list coming up in the first week of ours in Canada.

And let me tell you, even more tasks added up whilst we were there.

Right away we started reaching out for almost every RV dealer in the region, trying to find the best motorhome for us we could get. In what we called our ‘spare time’ we took our rental car to explore the ‘Golden Horseshoe Region’ around Toronto and Lake Ontario (for more info about that see our recap of our first week in Canada).

Finally we found OUR motorhome.

Even though that meant flying across the country to Calgary, Alberta, to get it.

As you can imagine, one week after we arrived we went back to Pearson International Airport and flew once again – to Calgary. And after one more day of figuring things out (and having pizza and Netflix in our hotel room) we finally held the keys to Momo in our hands.

Welcome to our adventure. Come close and listen,

Leonie & Daniel

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